This virtual field trip was specifically designed for 3rd graders in Nevada, but can be easily adjusted for grades 1-5 and used anywhere to teach the history and importance of gold mining.

As this is my first virtual field trip, I'd appreciate any comments you have. Help me make this site easier for teachers and students to navigate.

If you find any more great content, let me know and I'll link it.
Pam Tehuiotoa
4/27/2013 13:41:32

Laura, your VFT is fabulous! Your students will love making real-life connections to this study. How exciting for them and for you. You did a great job!

4/27/2013 13:43:28

DUH!!! I meant to type Natalie, but I forgot whose VFT I was viewing. NATALIE! You did a fabulous job. Sorry for the mix-up!

Natalie Trouten
4/28/2013 01:30:47

I've been called a lot of things before, but never Laura! :)

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